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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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students--- after i-t-t tech announces it's closing all of it's campuses. the for-profit college is calling it quits, just one week after losing access to federal aid. sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. i-t-t tech has more than 130 campuses in 38 states. kris/rail there are two campuses here in the bay area. 45-thousand students enrolled across the country last year, and hundreds in the bay area. but the u-s education department banned i-t-t tech from enrolling students who use federal aid. it - like many other for-profit college operators - the college is facing federal and state investigations for not providing the education and job training it promised. anim nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the i-t-t tech campus in
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concord. and bob, the students want education... what now of the bay area is live at the itt campus, the question now is the students clearly wanted this artmenion, now they have credits they have earned. what about the student loans ==animight have. >> we just spoke to a student in the last ten minutes. he is four classes away from his cyber security degree and he expressed confusion to us about if he will be able to transfer those credits. if you are unable to transfer your credits, the federal
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government will like ly forgive your student loans. what we saw through the windows here, the school has not yet moved out of the location because they're still on the labor day weekend wreck. the department of education announced that new students at itt technical institutes could no longer seek federal aide. for how important that is, $580 came from federal loans. they announced the sanctions after years of federal and state sanctions. they steered students into predatory loans. they announced they would no longer enroll new students. after the holiday weekend, they said they would shut down all 130 locations in 38 states including here in concord and
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oakland. the statement hire continues "we believe is a complete disregard by the u.s. department of education for due process to the is stiy." reporting live here in concord, bob redell, nbc bay area news. t>> an already busy stretch of highway in the east bay is still crawling along after a spill shuts down several lanes of 880 in san leandro. mic, it has been going on for hours and bogging down the entire kor -- corridor. you're crammed from about 23rd in oakland down to marina
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boulevard. st donlternate is eastbound 580. we don't know when the lanes will reopen. you see the back up and the bart cing-- between hayward and freemont there are buses vibl. ofilthe airport says it is almost done upgrading it's perimeter fencing after congressional push back and several high profile social security lapses. the fence is now up to 11 feet tall in key places. oy eral standards for fence height are generally six feet juml. hawy're also looking at obtaining federal grants for more cameras. nts enage boy jumped the fence, hid in a wheel well, and went to ll on in 2015.
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and we now know it is a agraent who is under arrest after making threating against s post students. de was booked for felony threats y to ate crime on instagram. family and students reached out to us who were rattled by the :1 posts. detectives acted swiftly to track the suspect down. >> we take it extremely serious. once we got the threats we had two detectives on the case immediately. we called them in, everything ay... pedited. was nt today get it resolved. we wanted to identify who the person was. >> there was increased security at the school today. in oak it there this morning, at this point, sunnyvale dps says it appears the student was acting alone. havnow serious questions about what caused a serious accident. eet ther behind the wheel of a
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car with her sons in the vehicle when the accident happen. police say she might have been er acc this is video of the scene. pete is joining us live from oakland police headquarters this morning. pete, what are you hearing? >> good morning, this is still under investigation by oakland pd. let's bring up the video from o== crash if is a narrow one-way a eet in oakland. it happened around 1:00 a.m. this morning. there was a call for a collision at the intersection and when they arrived there was a rolled over vehicle. there was a female in her 40s and her two adult male sons in their 20s were the passengers. police say alcohol may have been a factor in the cause of the accident.
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>> it does appear that alcohol may be a cause to this collision, and also speed as well. that is being investigated at this time. also what is being investigated is whether or not seatbelts were worn during the collision. >> all three of the folks in that car sent to the hospital for their injuries. police say one of the passengers is in critical condition. the other two have minor to moderate injuries. since it is ongoing, if you have any information that can help with this case, contact oakland pd. >> former stanford swimmer, brock turner, is now a registered sex offender. his mother tried to shield him from cameras, but we thought it was important that he did show creat register. he was released from the santa clara main jail.
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ee six month sentence for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. >> bruce miller has been dropped just hours after his arrest yesterday. aftee looking at security video hism the travel lodge that shows riotoody and stumbling miller about 3:00 in the morning. he wandered over to that motel after allegedly assaulting a 29-year-old maep and his a man r-old father. one of the men opened their door vo= ell miller he had the wrong room. other hotel guests were startled awake by a man yelling in the hallway. he i was afraid. i thought it was an attack or
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something like that. >> it happened hours after miller mosted a picture on instagram saying sundays are for the boys. miller is now out on bail. we knocked on his door in sandra clara and we were told no one was interested in talking to us. warming up across the bay area. some of the hottest places are going to be in the trooi valley and the east bay. rob, we thought summer was basically over. >> maybe not so much for the next couple days. warming temperatures right now. and out towards livermore just after 11:00 today. you can see about five to seven degrees carpaling in the case of san jose, so san francisco getting close to 70 degrees.
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upper 80s out of down toil. the pat certain set to get hotter tomorrow and this is increasing fire danger concerns. so we're watching air quality and rising temperatures, a fuel look at that coming up in just a few minutes. >> tropical storm newton is now at hurricane strength. the hurricane made landfall near cabo san lucas. it is expect today move further into ex-koe. those in the area are under a hurricane warning. >> a quick moving fire in san francisco. a neighbor shot the video of a blade damaging an old victorian home. they were sparked about 2:30 this morning. crews worked to keep it from t 11:ding into any other
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toighboring homes. as a result, six people have been displaced. >> up next at 11:00, an early start to the workday today. we'll show you what has many commuters cheering. plus waiting on the iphone 7, and a bank has to withdrawal one of it's own statements. that is ahead in business and tech.
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a check of the markets so far. everything is good in the green. the s&p has risen 2 1/2.
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a lot of people encourage their kids to get careers in s.t.e.m. >> wells fargo is apologizing this morning for a series of advertising. the adds went things like a ballerina yesterday, an engineer today. let's get them ready for tomorrow. people that think the arts are a worthwhile career objected to it. a statement was released saying wells far doe is deeply committed to the arts and we're very sorry. engineers at spacex are pouring over the little pieces left after the explosion of their falcon 9 rocket. it was a disaster but a huge problem for the israeli satellite maker as well.
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spacecom was in the midst of a merger. it was dependent on the successful launch of one last satellite and that is what blew up. >> and we're looking forward to tomorrow when apple is expected to unleash the new apple itone. apple made a phone so good it is hard to improve it, we should not lose sight of that. the housing market may be hot, but home builders can't find enough workers to get the job done. they estimate there are about 200,000 unfilled construction jobs at all levels of experience. that is 81% more man just two years ago. now without enough workers, construction is trailing demand for homes and with labor costs rising, builders are resorting
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to making more expensive homes and abandoning the starter market. >> moving closer to getting this job done. shifting into high gear with crews ready to test out trains on part of the new line. in a few months, they will be running from free monday to the bariessa area. bart hopes to have the new line up and running by late next year. >> great news for commuters in san francisco, another train was added to the busiest muni line. they hope that will help alleviate the morning route crowding. more than 40,000 riders take that line every day.
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>> crews right now, chris, are battling a fast moving wild fire. it is the saddle fire and it exploeted in butte county. the fire is progressing downhill making it very difficult for firefighters to contain. >> concerns this morn with a boat still overturned in the delta as we speak. the spirit of sacramento took on water just off of the coast of bethel island on sunday morning. right now it is surrounded by a barrier to stop pollution. >> we're going to go out and make sure we minimize the impact to our water. make sure our wildlife and our waterway is protected.
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>> the coast card is investigating how the boat sank in the first place. >> doing their fwoes contain that situation. at 11:18, people wanting to get out on the water. 67 degrees in san francisco. 73 in san rafael. around the peninsula. palo alto and san jose in the mid 70s. right now, 67 degrees, partly cloudy skies, closer to san francisco, san jose right now, 73, highs approaching the upper 80s around downtown in dublin, 75 agrdegrees. it squished it down 1,000 feet
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lower than 24 hours ago. there is a hint of a seabreeze, but just impacting the coast and the peninsula today. so without that air-conditioning affect inland that is why the temperatures are going to run from the upper 80s to lower 90s. notice how the winds are moving north to south. if you're in the north bay or the tri-valley, more smoke coming in from time to time. you can see the progression today. air quality now beginning to suffer a little bit. not a spare the air day today. it is making moderate air quality levels again around the bay area. we're seeing a little bit of that today. temperatures south of downtown san jose, upper 80s to close to 90 around morgan hill.
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temperatures climbing into the upper 80s around napa. you see the tri-valley today into the 90s. temperatures hotter through midweek, and by next weekend, it looks like the seabreeze will try to make a come back. that means san francisco, who has seen chilly temperatures, has a decent chance of getting to the 80s tomorrow. upper 90s in the forecast, and staying in the 90s on thursday. some cooling as we approach next weekend. i'll let you know if mubarak new kahn can bring any rain. back to you. >> thank you, rob. mike inoeye just finished up that report, and the crash on
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the interstate has cleared up. and what hillary clinton is doing to make herself more available for questioning. >> right now, the parents of the young boy killed by an alligator at walt disney world say they wanted to celebrate the child's first birthday in heaven. plus, former fox news anchor gretchen carlson has settled for $20 million following her sex abuse allegations. back in 2:00.
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if you ask the political experts, many say that labor day is the home stretch of the campaign trail. just 63 days to go for hillary clinton and donald trump, no time for a holiday. new this morning, the latest nbc battleground map shows despite narrowing numbers, clinton still has an advantage. they're planes were sitting just yards apart.
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clinton, for the first time, invited the press on to her newly decorated campaign plane. expressi expressing concern that russia is tampering with the u.s. election to help elect trump. >> we never had a foreign adversaryian power already involved in our electoral process. we never had a nominee of one of our major parties urging the russians to hack more. >> trump also briefly allowing reporters on board his jet adding uncertainty to his immigration plan refusing to rule out granting legal status for illegal immigrants. kicking off a fierce two months of fighting, for hillary clinton, it's all hands on deck. formal rival bernie sanders, and
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former president bill clinton on the trail in detroit, michigan. after a few weeks of fundraising, hillary clinton is back to courting voters. joking about a coughing fit. trump's campaign manager pouncing on twitter. must be allergic to media. trump responding to scrutiny after his donation was being investigated for fraud. >> she was a fine person. never spoke to her about it. >> bondi chose not to investigate. the trump campaign says the money was a clerical error. that was peter alexander reporting. in less than three weeks, the moment that many have been reporting for, they will square off in the first of three
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debat debates. in laos, president obama is becoming the first sitting president to visit the landlocked nation. he announced they would spend $90 million over three years to clear millions of bombs that did not explode. the president abruptly canceled a meeting with president duterte. this after an insult. today through a spokesman, he apologized. >> it came across as a personal attack on the u.s. president. >> president obama will also visit a relief agency that helps victims of the bombings and the government of laos said they would step up efforts to help
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recover the remains of u.s. troops there. a push for federal money needed after more violence on east bay freeways. plus -- >> it is ready. we're going to have a large earthquake or earthquakes. we need to prepare. >> scientists say the next big one need to hit soon. are major bridges in the area ready? i'll have that investigation coming up.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify
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for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the next big one, scientists believe there is a 98% chance that a 6.0 or bigger earthquake will rattle the area in the next 30 years. >> $13 billion in your tax money has spent upgrading
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infrastructure. we have been digging into that question. >> guys, there are 25,000 bridges in the area. they have been retro fitted to help you in the next earthquake. now they now need to be upgraded again. how much longer can we afford to wait? >> we're leaving on, in a sense, borrowed time. >> david has been studying earthquakes for over into years, he specializes in analyzing past quakes in hopes of determining a time line for future tremors. >> when could the bay area see the next earthquake? >> the longer we go, the closer
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we are to something large happening. >> it has been 110 years. this is what fran looked like leading up to the quake. after that massive earthquake. that is until 27 years ago. so scientists believe there is till a build up of pressure under the bay area ready to burst. under ground, the rough edges are trying to build up along faculty lines. when it gets to be too much, they let off of seismic waves. >> what goes into the system, as stress, comes out as a fault, so it has to be released.
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>> earthquakes. >> they have already been upgraded in the past 30 years, but some of them news to be upgraded again because of the earthquake standards and the wear and tear. >> michael johnson says the state can't afford to make all of those fixes at the same time. >> are you comfortable being on the bridges that need to be retrofitted again? >> it started last year when we told you which bridges needed the earthquakes fixed up first. >> i certainly don't want
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someone to watch this and say wow, bridges are unsafe. that is not any further from the truth. they're as safe as they can be. >> safety is number one for us. working to improve three sections of the bridge. part of it rests directly above a petroleum plant. >> and fill walls with concrete that would fill in between the walls and go under grown to strengthen them. >> essentially keeping the bridge in tact if there was a earthquake. >> other bridges slated for upgrades include these. this one in point reyes. and a busier stretch includes
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these north and southbound bridges along 880 in freemont that carry more than 225,000 vehicles a day. it could be careers before they're testing by a major earthquake, david schwartz says it's just as likely it will be only a moment away. >> to find out what designs work beshear, it will include a 6.2 earthquake that just devastating italy. >> if you have a tip, please call us or end susen e-mail. >> an east bay mar your is demanding that they do more. there have nearly 30 in the bay
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area since november. the mayor is requesting the state for more than $2 million for cameras along several freeways there. >> our proposal with license plate readers, we would have been able to capture that license late. so the cameras are part of the problem. the cameras will solve what is occurring if will be a deterrent. >> it happened around 5:00 sunday night. oakland police say the driver of a silver mercedes hit two cars on the freeway and then open fired. the gunman is still on the loose. and counsellors at james logan high school today to help the students cope with the loss of two students lost over the holiday weekend. they were killed in a car crash on 880 early sunday morning.
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he was driving a honda that collided with a dodge truck. family and friends say they were out for a late night snack. >> you want them to enjoy life, you want them to be independent, but we also don't want them to shelter them too much. >> the highway patrol is still investigating what caused that crash. >> another life lost far too soon, a 14-year-old boy was hit by a car while riding his bike in oakley. witnesses say the boy was riding on the sidewalk, but veered into the street to try to avoid pedestrians when he was hit by a car. the driver is cooperating with the investigation and the city says there is no indication that alcohol or drugs played a role.
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>> a deadly labor day weekend on the roads. here is a live look at the 101 right now in palo alto. more than 2,000 people were arrested under suspicion of drunk driving. a sick coyote that wildlife officials have been searching for has been found, and he is dead. he was hit by a car. emergency services believe it was not a threat to people, they were trying to safely catch and care for that animal before releasing it back into the wild, but again, it was too late. >> millions of years gone in just an instant. a popular rock formation destroyed and the entire thing caught on camera. the people in the video decided
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they would knock it over. we're sieg sunshine right now in san francisco. 67 degrees. the late west hurricane newton. where it is going next and where we could have an increased risk of flooding, coming up. case of apparent vandalism at a
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popular state park. a well known rock formation was toppled last week by a group who knocked the ancient officials with the oregon state police are looking into vandalism at a local park. >> it is not the fist time the vandals were caught destroying natural beauty. >> the short video clip shows the rock formation coming crashing down and what sounds like the words "got it." this is what the parks department is reviewing this morning. an apparent act of vandalism, at a sand stone. >> we don't have all of the facts yet. we saw a video that turned up over the weekend. that's all we know about it. >> popular fenced off area if
11:43 am
stook on a landscape more than 18 million years old. picture perfect for newlyweds or to watch the sunset into the sea. the parks department thought the seven-foot tall, ten foot wide rock for nation, known as the duck bill, collapsed naturally. that is until david posted this video. >> i confronted one of them, and the first thing that came out of the person's mouth was that "it was a safety hazard. one of their buddies apparently broke their leg on top of the rock. >> it is hardly the first time we have seen nature's beauty toppled. two years ago, two boy scout leaders were given a year probation and fined after they shoved over a $170 million-year-old rock formation.
11:44 am
vanessa hudgens paid restitution after carving her name in a red rock formation. nbc news. so much for saving that natural beauty for future generations. speaking of future generations. >> so cute, this is keri hall's little baby, she is named bella. mom, baby, and big brother, kj, i think he likes his queen. >> he wasn't pleased at first, and then he saw her face and everything changed. i just love the little fingers. >> she says let me see how i feel about you so far.
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the weather outside for the bay area today. we're watching the tropics where we have hurricane newton. kind of briefly jogged off shore and moving up the peninsula. over the next 24 to 36 hours, very interesting. it will move back out of the gulf. maybe get more strength and the moisture and the center of prch. the mountain ranges of mexico, could see three to five inches of rain. we're talking about a hurricane today that is on the baha peninsula, but you could be looking at some flash flooging picking up in -- flash flooding picking up in intensity. a warming trend around san francisco. that should mean well see semiing early on.
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you have hazy skies. mid to upper 80s. you can really see that haze and smoke. we have temperatures in the mid 80s throughout the afternoon. high pressure and the winds, sending the winds slight lie off shore nap is redirecting it over the bay area. that fire burning in butte county. you see it drifting north to south today. as the temperatures crank up, air quality an issue today. we'll watch and see if tomorrow is a spare the air day. temperatures today closer to 90. 70s around san francisco, for north bay and tri-valley, highs in the 80s. notice the numbers getting close to 80 tomorrow. cooling as we move into the weekend, here is the seven-day forecast talking about the
11:47 am
tri-valley tomorrow. you could see upper 90s in the range. the seabreeze will make a come back by friday and saturday. so if you thought labor day weekend was missing sop of the heat, the next three games are warming up for you. >> rob says it will change. >> a quicker commute, what app gets to you work faster. which is the best? what you need to download.
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and the roads are getting ugly. you may be using a g-p-s to get around town..and around the traffic. summer is over, we're all back to work, back to school, the roads are getting ugly. you may be using a gps to get around town and the traffic,
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too. >> it may not entirely save you, but it could help. nbc investigative reporter jeff rossen kicks off "the great escape" with how to beat the traffic. >> a traffic nightmare. bumper to bumper with no relief for miles. can your gps or smart phone really get you out of this. >> we're setting up a driving challenge of our own to see if the apps save us any time. here with my producers, lindsey and josh, josh is using the regular inckin-car gps, lindsey using apple maps, and i'm using
11:51 am
the ways app. right away, ways is diverting me to the sir vaurface roads. >> i'm flying by all of this high traffic. look at it, look at me. josh's car gps, just programmed for the shortest route, steers him straight on to the highway. >> we're crawling in right now and i still have 39 miles to go on this highway. >> in lindsey, she pro-programs apple maps for shortest time, but it takes her on to the congested highway, too. not for me, it is smooth sailing. >> it has me getting off of the exit. i love it. >> taking me down backroads and on to another highway. >> i have to keep on moving. >> josh -- he is not moving much at all. >> more brake lights.
11:52 am
>> take a look at lindsey now. apple maps is guiding her on to clear roads, and they are on a roll -- >> now it is smooth sailing through the tunnel, let's see what happens when we get out. >> meanwhile, ways is taking me another way over a bridge into the city, miles away from lindsey's tunnel. >> i have not been stuck in traffic at all, a lot of twists and turns, but always moving. now it's a race to the finish line. >> just a few more blocks to go. >> my destination is in range. there it is, almost there. >> who will it be? >> okay, just got here. at the nbc studios and take a look, no sign of josh or i lindsey, i'm the first one here. now i wait and wait. >> i could have had two coffees by now. >> nine minutes after us,
11:53 am
lindsey. i bet she thinks she won. >> we beat you by nine minutes. >> but where is josh? >> come on, come on, let's go. >> he is. >> the gps is taking him on the shortest route, not necessarily the fastest. >> he finally decided to make it. >> he is here 30 minutes on the nose past me. a full half hour. >> it took forever. >> it really pays off. that is a lot of time in the morning when you could get work done, coffee, sleeping. >> thank you, guys, thank you for roughing it. >> road tested. >> i don't like taking those detour routes because i start singing the radio songs and then boom, i'm lost. >> is that dangerous. the music is distracting you
11:54 am
from the task at hand. >> i get into my act, and then i don't pay attention. >> we're keeping this on track, we'll be right back.
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==kris/chy== check out this amazing picture. photographer mike karas of hawaii was enjoying the talk about being at the right place at the right time. >> look at this amazing picture. mike carise was enjoying a
11:57 am
sunset and he wants to share the picture with the couple. >> so i guess there is two questions we're trying to answer, one is it real or is it photo shopped. b, if it is real, was someone else taking their picture already, and someone else strolled along -- >> a lot of convenient coincidences. >> i think laura said it best, good timing. but our weather, as we take a quick look at that today. low 90s in the forecast and we just talked about it minutes ago. tomorrow is a pair the air day, we're seeing air quality issues tomorrow. >> look at that, 98 on wednesday. >> holding on for that last piece. we'll see you for our news at
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stand by everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> oh, welcome to "access hollywood." we got a little love. >> happy anniversary. happy 21. we're finally legal. >> they said it couldn't be done. we never went away. >> i'm so happy to be joining you. >> it feels like day one for the first time. we have been in and out throughout. it is day one. >> we got to meet each other's family this weekend. a little double date or triple date. i got to meetou


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